5 tips to Setting Up AMP Pages – Get Started

setting up AMP Pages

Here are 5 tips to consider when setting up AMP Pages for websites.

Setting up AMP Pages – Getting Started

Sites using popular Content Management Systems such as WordPress are straight when it comes to setting up AMP Pages. Business owners should contact their Webmaster or SEO consultant to get their AMP Pages/ Accelerated Mobile Pages up and running in no time.

Websites that have been built from scratch or use custom HTML require additional development resources.

Which Sites are best suited for AMP?

Setting up AMP Pages is best suited for static web content. Static web content like blogs, news, product pages, reviews, listings, videos and many more. Your SEO Webmaster will be able to advise you.

Pages that are interactive or heavy on dynamic are less suited to setting up AMP Pages. Single pages such as social networks, email and route mapping.

IT’s not necessary to AMP the whole website

Add Accelerated Mobile Pages to a website gradually, it’s not necessary to AMP the whole site. Start off with pages like blog posts, articles, contact pages, products etc. These are the page’s users access through search results.

Mark up articles for structured data

Provide details such as headline, images, publish date and description. Informative articles with structured data mark up are featuring in Google mobile search results. Users quickly find AMP content when performing searches on mobile devices.

Do sites with AMP rank better?

Google says sites using AMP don’t rank better yet. As the focus moves towards mobile search it’s only a matter of time before use of AMP do count towards ranking. Us at Seo Webmaster have noticed that since setting up AMP pages on our site, those pages are showing at the top of search results. Besides if pages use AMP there is an icon next to it in search results, so users know which pages are AMP friendly. Users are more likely to click on AMP pages because they load with lighting speed and use 8 times less data. The more clicks a website gets the better it ranks.

To learn more about AMP visit https://www.ampproject.org

What is AMP/ Accelerated Mobile Pages



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