7 Reasons you should hire a SEO Professional

reasons you should hire a SEO professional

As we know SEO is an important strategy for any business success. Many business owners and managers read a little about SEO and try going it alone to avoid the costs of hiring a SEO expert. Here are 7 reasons you should hire a SEO professional to handle your search engine optimization.

SEO is time consuming

To really do your SEO correctly is going to distract you from what you know and do best, which is manage your business. Your time is much more valuable been spent on the things you’re good at, unless you own a SEO company that is. But then you wouldn’t be reading this article. You also can’t just ignore the fact that SEO is a vital part of any marketing strategy.

SEO is not easy

For SEO to be effective it need to cover all aspects of SEO. You might read few articles online and think you have it all figured out but it’s not that simple. There are technical considerations specific to your website, content optimization and effective backlinks. Then there’s local SEO and social media.

Mistakes will hurt your ranking

There are a lot of SEO tactics that will hurt your SEO marketing and page ranking. A lot of SEO tactics are out dated. You will need to know what SEO is considered Black SEO, if these are used your website will get penalized.

Stay clear of artificial backlinks, keyword stuffing, duplicate content, unrelated keywords and cloaking.

SEO tools

To conduct an effective SEO campaign you’ll need to make use of certain SEO tools. These tools can become very costly. More reasons you should hire a SEO professional is because they already know which tools to use and own them. A professional SEO expert invests in the most important tools and software that improves SEO.

SEO experts keep track of your competitors

An SEO expert will know how to outperform your competitors ranking. That’s your ultimate goal isn’t it? Competitor analysis is big part of SEO. You need to set your site apart for your opposition.

SEO keeps changing

Not all search engine optimization that worked last year will apply today, next year it would have changed a lot as well. You have to keep tabs of what changing by the day. That’s how quickly the industry changes.

I’m an SEO expert and I can tell you Google will email today about updates to their algorithms and within days the changes take place. I then have to quickly ensure I apply those changes to all my clients SEO tonight. Sometimes us in the industry only find out about the changes after they’ve already been made, so how would a business person know of these changes? These are huge reasons you should hire a SEO professional. When it comes to big changes we’re usually notified months in advance so we can prefer for changes before they happen. It’s all part of the fun of keeping sites we work on ranking on the first pages.

Return on investment

SEO is unlike any other form of advertising. With good SEO your clients actually come looking for you. Some SEO companies charge ridiculous fees but most don’t. Shop around a little and you’ll find your investment in SEO will pay dividends.


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