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South Coast business owners is your website ready for Accelerated Mobile Pages? #AcceleratedMobilePages #AMP the next ‘Big Thing’ to hit the ever expanding world of the internet?

You cannot ignore Accelerated Mobile Pages if you want your business to found on the internet.

Google recently launched Accelerated Mobile Pages known as AMP. They did this because internet users expect web page to load fast. When launching #AMPlify Google told us that 40% of users abandoned a search if the page took longer than 3 seconds to load.

Google’s answer to this are pages that load with lighting fast speed on mobile phones. It’s no surprise, seen that more people used mobile phones, than computers to browse the internet last year. With the number of mobile users increasing daily, Google decided to focus on improving the overall experience for mobile users. AMP loads pages in under a second. Are you glad to hear this good news? I know I am.

Why do I need to set my website up for AMP?

Pages that comply will be given preference in search results. To stay a step ahead of your opposition you have get your website ready now. Doing so you will outperform your competitors. Your opposition might not even be aware of accelerated pages yet, so why not beat them to it. You will rank better in the search results immediately. Then if you keep your website SEO friendly you will keep your ranking at the top.

What you need to do to keep your website ranking well, is to work together with a good SEO consultant. It’s best to find a SEO consultant that is aware of what the leading search engines require for good ranking.  The internet is continually changing and improving, you need to work with somebody that is aware of these changes as they happen or better before they happen.

There are other serious changes taking place before the end of 2016 that every website owner has to comply with or you’re going to be red flagged, but that’s another topic and another article altogether. You’ve been warned so contact your SEO consultant now to make those changes.

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