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auto-generated spam

You have probably noticed auto-generated spam in the comments section of your website, blog or forum threads. This auto-generated spam disrupts users visiting your website. It might also show content you don’t want on your site. Mostly you probably don’t want this content associated with your site to search engines.

In an attempt to get more traffic to their websites some spammers post deceiving content and links to other sites. The good content of your site can be buried by auto-generated spam in the form of keywords and links placed there by spammers.

There are ways to protect your site’s forum and comments thread from spammers.

  • Add a CAPTCHA. Using a CAPTCHA requires users to confirm that they are not robots. There are many CAPTCHA services available.
  • Check your comments daily. If a user is posting excessive amounts of posts then you should probably review their profile, make sure their posts are not auto-generated spam or spammy related comments.
  • Disable comments on old posts. It’s good practice to close threads on very old content, they most likely won’t get legit replies.
  • Make use of moderation capabilities. Change your setting to require approval before comments are publicly visible.
  • Make use of “nofollow” attribute for links. Using “nofollow” attributes in the comments field will deter your site been targeted.
  • Use automated systems. There are automated systems available that are easy to install which do the work for you.
  • Keep your updated and patched. Always keep all your software up to date, especially security updates.

Always be aware of what is happening on your website. If you are not able to or don’t have the time then hire someone to do it for you. A good SEO consultant will take care of the work for you as part of his service.

If you suspect your site has been the target of any type of spam get a professional to sort the problem as all your hard work and investment could be in Jeopardy.

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