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best SEO Company in Durban

SeoWebmaster is the best SEO Company in Durban. That’s a big statement to make right? If we’re claiming to be the best then we must tell you why we’re the best SEO Company in Durban. ranks higher in the search ranking than any other SEO company in South Africa not just Durban. We say Durban because we service the Durban to South Coast area.

We check our own, our opposition and all our clients site ranking daily. We know we are the best SEO company in Durban because rank above all the rest.

We will send you your websites present ranking if you don’t know it. All you have to do is send an email request to / after we’re spoken I can give you your opposition’s website ranking as well, no costs involved. If we rank the best in our niche’ the surely we can do the same for your business, after all we’ll be using the same strategies.

How do we know the best SEO practices? By keeping up to date with changes made to Google and Bing’s algorithms. These changes are taking place more frequently than the market is actually aware. Google only announce major updates but the changes are happening all the time. Bing and the other major search engines then follow.

SEO tactics we use to make us the best SEO Company in Durban

  • Local search engine optimization; Google’s latest algorithm update Possum focuses big on ‘local search results’ see
  • AMP/ Accelerated Mobile Pages; as most searches are done on mobile, 73% of users that found SeoWebmaster in Google search were using mobile devices. Users abandon sites that take 3 seconds or longer to load. AMP is a new technology that loads your web pages with lightning fast speed. We set your website up so it is AMP user friendly. See
  • Keyword research and advice; we provide you with specific keywords and teach you how to include them in your site’s content. We then optimize the keywords so that they are found in search results when users search the internet. Keywords are and always will be what drives traffic to users searching the internet, it’s how they’re used and optimized that has changed. We receive email updates from Google Webmaster every time they are about to make a change to their algorithms. We instantly apply these changes to our client’s sites and inform them.
  • Backlinks; A lot of people in the SEO industry think backlinks don’t count anymore. They are wrong. It’s the type of backlinks to be used that has changed. We research and add backlinks to your site.
  • Search Index Submitting. We take care of submitting all your content and changes to your site to all the search engines.
  • Broken Links. Broken links are very bad for search engine optimization. If you have broken links on your site then you will be penalized in search results. We keep tabs on all your links and repair them when needed.
  • Google Analytics. If you don’t already have analytics we set it up for and show you how to monitor your website. You can use this information when planning your marketing campaigns.
  • Social media. We link all your social media pages to receive all your website posts automatically. We’ll post articles related to your business niche’ daily.
  • Website Maintenance; ensure software updates are applied and scan the site weekly.

There is lot more to SEO than listed above but this is a general overview of what we will do for you. There are other tactics we use that get fantastic results for our clients, that make SeoWebmaster the best SEO Company in Durban, but I won’t list them here because they are what make us stick out from the rest and make us the best.

Have a look at our home page  or call Gordon: 0783077711 to set an appointment.


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