Business Reviews – Every business needs them

business reviews

Business reviews should be a vital part of your off-site SEO strategy. Good reviews and testimonials will do wonders for your business website when it comes to Page Ranking. You should be taking your business reviews very seriously.

How to get business reviews

It’s easy, ask your clients. Sometimes you for a fact your client has had a good experience using your products or services because they tell. If someone has told you about their great experience dealing with your company, you can be sure that person would be willing to give you a review. All you need to do is ask.

I ask all my clients for a review. I know they’re going to give good business reviews for my company because I know I’ve given them what they paid me to do, provide a service that works.

What makes a review great?

  • Informative and insightful; Relevant and specific to the business that is been reviewed. Focus on what made the experience special.
  • Keep it real; Reviews should be based on the authors own experience, what they liked and disliked. They should be accurate and include positive and negative aspects.
  • Be respectful; Business owners usually use reviews to improve the business, so if a client mentions a bad experience in a respectful way and you acknowledge it saying how you have rectified the problem, it will work in your favour.
  • Reviews are not discussions; don’t turn reviews into discussions. Keep each review to that person’s personal experience. There are other platforms that are open for discussions like social media and forums.
  • Photos; Ask for a photo to post with the testimonial on your website.

Where reviews should be posted?

For starters your website should have a page for reviews and testimonials. I ask my clients to email me reviews so that I can add them to my website.

I also ask them to leave the business reviews on Google Maps, Google Plus and Facebook.

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