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local search results

What are local search results? Or near me searches?

I’m sure you’ve done Google searches from your phone and find local businesses coming up top of the search results. Google tells you which business is closest to you. Google’s local search results are getting and better. Mobile internet traffic is growing. More users are using mobile devices than computers to perform searches. For locally based businesses location based SEO is everything. The recent Google update named Possum, it’s clear Google is stepping up more in favour for local search results.

How to optimize for local search results.

There are steps you need to take to optimize your local search ranking. Find a SEO consultant to optimize your business listing in the major search engine indexes.

Google’s September 2016 update Possum targets local search rankings.

Since the update local businesses in the suburbs have noticed an increase in ranking. That’s interesting because it means since the Possum update Google is better at understanding local areas. Google is filtering based on addresses and affiliation. Businesses that have multiple addresses will only show the local address closest to where you performed the search. If the Possum update’s aim is about delivering better local search results, then this is good news for local small businesses.

The location of the internet user plays a roll.

It seems that if you perform a local search for a business from a different location to where you’re actually at, results will vary. What this means is that you have to make sure your local optimization is in order.



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