Local SEO Business Listings – How to Dominate

local SEO business listings

Local SEO business listings are more important to search rankings.

In 2016 local SEO business listings, have more important than they were in the past to a website’s search ranking. There is a lot going on regarding local SEO business listings. You can’t afford not concentrate on local SEO. Local customers have a much higher level of commercial intent that they cannot be ignored. Major search engines are intent on improving local searches so it’s getting harder to rank as a local business. You can miss out if your location SEO is not properly managed. In the past it was easy. You just had to build your website, list your site on some business listings and index on some search engines.

Local SEO is competitive now.

Local SEO is more competitive these days. Why have local SEO business listings become more competitive? Probably because many more businesses have discovered the importance of local search strategies. So there are more businesses vying for the top ranking spots. Local search has become much more complex.

Local search ranking factors have changed.

It’s important to understand the local SEO environment if you work with local SEO business listings. Some important factors that influence local search results have changed. This is making it even more important for businesses to expand their local SEO strategies by using more techniques.

Local Packs.

It wasn’t that long ago that search engines showed seven listings in their local packs. It’s been reduced to three. Soon it’s going to reduced to two with one being a paid spot.

Local content.

Businesses need to add as much local information on their website as they can. The full physical address with telephone numbers, pictures of the business premises, office hours and types of payments accepted are few. Add as much information about the business that you can. This will have a huge impact on your local pack listing.

You’ll also have to include local content in your blog posts. Write about local events, local news, promotions you’re having for local clients.

List on local business directories. listings

Listing your business on local business directories is a key factor towards local SEO business listings ranking. Many local business directories are credible with search engines so they dominate local listings. This is key factor to getting your website showing up in local rankings.

Customer reviews.

Reviews are an important ranking factor. Reviews also help your business by showing users trust in your business. In a recent study by brightLocal it was found that online reviews increased click throughs by 22%.

Google’s Possum update.

Google’s recent update named Possum focuses on local search results. Read more on the Possum update here https://seowebmaster.co.za/seo-services-local-listingsamp/



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