Optimizing Off-site Content – Off-site SEO

optimizing off-site content

SEO is not only about on-line content and your website in general. We all need to take time optimizing off-site content as well.

What is off-site content?

Off-site content is any content you own, control or have earned which is not published or living on your website. It could be property you own like an off-site blog or social media accounts. It might be content published by third-parties or press releases or content published on clients websites. It could also be property you don’t own such as third-party reviews.

Why we need to care about off-site content

Off-site content helps to build brand awareness and new audiences. When done with a proper strategy these audiences can be developed in alignment with your desired target market. Consumers are trusting social networks, review sites influencers when making buying decisions. So your brand needs to be visible in these places.

Off-site content will also increase your on-site authority and reach. Optimizing off-site content is a great way of adding backlinks which is also a great source for referral traffic.

Optimizing off-site content

You don’t always have control of content living off your website so optimizing off-site content is not always easy. You should however think ahead about the audience who will engage with the content and which keywords would most appeal to them.

Optimizing social media posts has become vital because they are showing up in search results. You should optimize them the same as you would any post or page on your website. Content must be titled, tagged and described with hashtags and keywords.

Optimizing off-site content will take time out of your day but the benefits are worth it.



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