SEO Agency or In-House SEO? How to decide

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Should companies hire a SEO agency or employ an in-house SEO specialist? We all know SEO Marketing is a vital part of any marketing campaign. SEO is no longer an option. Hiring an SEO agency is going to cost you. Setting up a SEO department can become very costly. Which direction should you take?

If you decide on in-house SEO here are some considerations to think about.

Understanding what resources are needed

The first thing you need to do is understand what SEO is and how it works. Which tasks can be done by existing staff and which require a degree of specialization that you don’t currently have? Which expertise should you hire full time and which will be part time positions? You’re going to need someone to do link development but you can’t employ a link development specialist, because you shouldn’t build to many links all at once, search engines consider that as spam and you will lose ranking. Then you will need a copywriter to write content for your site. Unless you are a very large company with a large website this isn’t a full-time position. Most importantly you will to employ a SEO specialist that has knowledge of how algorithms work, a person that can take your website to the top spot of search results. These people are in great demand and are very expensive to employ full time. But if you do find the right person the money invested will pay off.

SEO is no longer an option

SEO is a key part of any marketing campaign. It is no longer an optional activity. It’s normal for larger companies to set up their own in-house SEO department over time. But it’s not a simple process and there is no quick way of doing it. Before you do decide to set up in-house have proper plan in place.

If you decide on hiring an SEO agency

It’s about which SEO agency you hire that is important. For starters, you will want to know where the agencies own website ranks. Ask them. After all, if they say they can rank your website, then they better be able to rank their own website well. That’s one of the first things you should discuss with them.

Then find out what they are going to need from your side. If they say nothing, run. It’s important your SEO company invites you to work together with them. They will need to gain an understanding of your business and what it is you wish to achieve from your website. Discuss with them any projects you are planning. You need to trust your SEO consultant, so set up a meeting. The nature of the work allows for online Skype meetings but its always better to meet face to face earlier on in the relationship. This way you can get to know the person you’re going to be working with, hopefully for many years.

Remember SEO is an on going. Search engines change their algorithms and requirements all the time. That is why you need an SEO company that knows when changes are going to take place before they happen. You can’t afford not to know what is trending. Ask your SEO company how they keep with the latest trends. If they can’t tell you, run. Now that you trust your consultant always listen what they say or ask for.

You will see your business grow from strength to strength.

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