SEO Durban Best Ranking Results

seo durban best ranking results


How to Decide Which SEO Consultant in Durban will deliver the Best Ranking Results?

SEO/ Search Engine Optimization is a crucial part of Marketing. To ensure websites are found by potential new clients on the internet it’s vital to invest in SEO. The information in this article is the same for all areas. But I’m writing this article specifically relating to SEO Durban best ranking results because I’m focusing on local rankings for this post. So let’s take a look at how to find the best SEO consultant in Durban.

Good Search Engine Optimization will improve a websites ranking on the search engines. Rankings relate to the position websites appear in the search engine listing pages when a user performs a search for certain phrase, product or service. The higher a website appears in the search rankings the more clicks it gets which results in more new clients.

A good SEO consultant will improve a websites ranking which in return will boost traffic, and ultimately sales. That is the purpose of SEO after all. So how do we decide which SEO consultant in Durban to hire when searching the internet?

For starters as in any business, the company that takes care of their own business will be more likely to deliver results to you, their client. If I were going to take my car to a mechanic for repairs I would never hire a mechanic whose own car doesn’t run smoothly. Same as I would not want a builder working on my house whose own house is not built properly. The same should apply to a SEO consultant. So when I’m looking for a SEO consultant in Durban, I would want to go with the SEO Durban best ranking results consultant. But how do I know who that is? It’s simple.

Determine SEO Which SEO Consultant in Durban Ranks Best Using Alexa Rank Search Tool.

This is how easy it is. There is an internet based company known as Alexa Ranking which ranks websites based on certain SEO requirements. Alexa Ranking is a subsidiary of Alexa collects information from all the major search engines to determine a websites ranking. The lower ranking websites appear at the top of search results. Alexa Ranking lists the top 30 million websites globally in the order that the website is ranked. Google ranks number 1. YouTube comes in at 2 and Facebook ranks 3rd, ranks 7th.

It makes sense that the SEO Durban best ranking results should be the SEO consultant whose own website ranks well, because after all that is the business niche they practice in right? The same as the mechanic and the builder. When you search Google looking for a SEO company to do your website many come up in the search results. Here’s how you check any website ranking on the internet including your own. After clicking the following link, you will be taken to a page containing the Alexa Rank Search Tool, where you can check the rank of the top 30 million websites. If a rank doesn’t appear, then the website is over 30 million in the global ranking. In the Search Tool Box at the top of the page enter the website URL. In seconds you will see the ranking. You can enter more than one website at a time. Now compare the different SEO websites to find the SEO consultant in Durban that ranks best check website rank here check Alexa Ranking here

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