SEO Marketing for Small Businesses

SEO marketing for small businesses

SEO Marketing for Small Businesses is as Important as it is for Large Businesses.

SEO Marketing has should be a vital part of your marketing campaign. SEO marketing for small businesses shouldn’t be considered as less important to other marketing strategies. In fact, quite the opposite, if you want your clients to find your website when performing a search on the internet for your products or services. Most people search the internet when interested in buying or using a new product. Every service you can imagine is listed on the internet.

What is SEO Marketing?

SEO Marketing is the strategies used to by a company to get their website listed and appearing on the top pages of the major search engines. Many marketers think search engines are only searching for and giving results based on Indexed Text. The truth is search engines are searching through text, photos, videos, audio and other formats. Search engines also include commercial sites such as eBay and Amazon and social media sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube. Then there are index sites like Yellow Pages, White Pages and Angie’s list. These are just some examples. SEO marketing for small businesses should include these.

SEO is a new marketing concept. It may be new but it is vital that all companies engage in SEO Marketing.

Search Engines compete for attention.

Just as websites compete against each other for traffic, search engines compete against each other for users. When planning your SEO marketing don’t focus only on one search engine. You want users performing searches on all search engines to find your website. This is continuous work. You will need some understanding of how algorithms work. You will also need insight to when these algorithms are updated, which is frequent because the search engines are improving all the time.

Search Engine Traffic is Voluntary.

This means a visitor to your website got there from doing a search for your product or service and decided to click on your website in the search result. Consider that most users click on a website appearing on the first page of the search results. If a user finds what they’re looking for on that website, they’ll usually contact that business. Can you see how important SEO marketing for small businesses is?

Correct Contact information.

Ensure that all the contact information on your website is up to date, telephone numbers and email addresses. Discuss with your SEO company to set up a contact form where your clients can email you directly from your website. I always set up for my clients so users can call them directly from the internet if the search is performed on a mobile phone.

What to look for when using a SEO Company.

The most important aspect I always advise businesses to look at when considering which SEO consultant to hire is, where does the SEO company’s own website rank on Alexa Rankings. Alexa Ranking is a subsidiary of Alexa is the recognised true ranking of all websites. Alexa ranks the top 30 million websites globally. Google ranks number one, Facebook second and YouTube is Third. ranks number seven. My website ranks 556 755 today. That’s out of all websites globally. Remember only the top 30 million sites are ranked. Websites with a ranking over 30 million are not listed and will show a blank. You want your website to rank, well, right?

Consider how well your SEO consultant’s website ranks before making your decision, if their website ranks well then you know they have the knowledge to do the same for you their client.  Check the rank of any website here


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