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SEO Services Local Listings will be hugely affected by the recent Possum Update.

Google announced the massive update to the local algorithm named Possum on the 1st of September 2016. A lot of businesses have noticed their local listings are no longer ranking as they did, thinking these listings have been removed. They haven’t, they’ve actually been filtered by the updated algorithm listing them accordingly. Four major updates have taken place which will affect SEO local results. Businesses should consult a SEO services local listings consultant to implement these strategies into their marketing.

Keyword Recognition.

The order of keywords within a keyword search phrase, have become more important with the update. In the past user searches such as “Durban Holiday Letting,” “Holiday Letting Durban” and “Holiday Letting Durban Kzn” would deliver similar search results. Because the previous algorithm would recognise them as meaning the same thing. However, it now appears that in most cases, a small change to the order of the keyword phrase, can result in a shift in search results. Your SEO services local listings company should, use different iterations of a keyword on different pages of your website. Alternatively select the iteration with the highest search volume.

Local Packs.

Local packs are the search results for a certain area. Usually the company closest shows first. Firstly, your website needs to be optimized so it’s vitally important that you consult a SEO services local listings company. In the past Local Packs haven’t been beneficial to companies situated on the outer limits of an area. When users included a city or town name in searches, the algorithm didn’t recognise these businesses as falling within that city, putting them at a disadvantage. An example, if a Durban holiday letting agent worked from premises in a nearby suburb, then internet users in Durban would have a hard time seeing that letting agents results in search results.

Since the release of Possum Update the actual city limits play less of a role.

Physical Address Filter.

With the new update it’s important to remind your SEO services local listings company to include your physical address on your website. Also ensure that the address has been submitted for indexing. In the past algorithms filtered out local profiles that shared a domain or phone number to distinguish duplicates. The physical address has been added to the filter. An example if two holiday letting agents were both situated in the same shopping mall or building it would be vital they have their shop or suite number added to their address.  This will distinguish the listing from other websites and avoid possibly been listed as duplicates in Local Packs.

Search Location.

The algorithm update gives users different search results based on their location when performing a search. Example, A user searching for “XYZ Store” in Westville, Durban will see a different result to someone searching for “XYZ Store” in Berea, Durban, if the company had a store in both areas. That’s why it’s so important to ensure SEO services local listings are set up and indexed.

With the Possum Update there have been variations with search results which indicates Google is still testing the algorithm and attributes will be amended as needed.

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