SEO Techniques – White and Black Hat Techniques

SEO Techniques

There Are two types of SEO techniques, White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO.

White hat SEO techniques are what search engines regard as part of a good design.

The following are white hat SEO techniques;

It conforms to search engine webmaster guidelines.

The same content indexed with search engines is the same content a user will see on the web page.

The SEO is not deceptive in any way.

The website has good quality web pages.

The content on the website has been created with the user in mind and not for the benefit of the search engines.

The content should be informative and useful for the user.

Black hat SEO techniques are what search engines regard as Spamdexing.

The following are black hat techniques/spamdexing;

Attempting to improve your website ranking in ways that are deceptive.

Redirecting users to a page other than the page that ranked in the search engine.

Cloaking SEO tactics. This is indexing a page to the search engine bots but another page to human visitors.

Using keywords that are unrelated to the content.

Repeating keywords in the metatag, this is called keyword stuffing.

Using Doorway or Gateway Pages. This is using low quality content that are stuffed with similar keywords and keyword phrases.

Page-jacking. This is creating a copy of a popular website that looks similar to a web bot but it actually redirects users to an unrelated website.

Inserting URLs into an image that take users to a different website.

Mirroring websites. This hosting multiple websites with similar content but using different URLs.

Search engines are been updated all the time to detect when someone is trying to manipulate them and they will punish you when they find your deception.

If you want your page to rank well the best thing do is give the user a good experience on your site.

Give them what they’re looking for, good informative content. Then they’ll return to your website and they’ll talk about their good experience.

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