SEO Trends to Focus on in 2017

SEO trends

The SEO industry is always changing so it’s important to say up to date with SEO trends. Keeping up with SEO trends will give you that advantage over your competitors in the search results on the internet.

Mobile optimized

There are more users performing searches on mobile devices than on desk top. It’s no surprise when it comes to SEO trends for 2017 mobile optimization is right at the top of the pile. Mobile pages that load quickly and are easy to navigate around. Provide an awesome user experience.

Accelerated mobile Pages (AMP)

If you’re not already using AMP get started quickly. Accelerated mobile pages are pages on your website that load almost instantly when a user is searching on a mobile device. AMP pages are already receiving favoritism in search results and this is going to increase in 2017. When starting out with accelerated mobile pages begin with your blog or news pages first. It won’t take long if your webmaster knows how to set them up. My advice is get started on this as soon as you can.

Useful and informative content

SEO is becoming more and more about user experience. Search engines favor sites that provide users with useful information. The search engines are also fighting for users, if a user finds what they’re looking for quickly without having to perform searches over and over they’ll return to that search engine. Focus on providing as much information as possible in the smallest space possible.

Personal Branding

It’s become easier to build trust with personal branding. It’s easier to secure guest posts and drive traffic to your website. Social media platforms like Facebook are refining their algorithms to favor personal post over company post. In 2017 we’ll see more organisations taking advantage of personal branding so stay ahead.

App indexing

With app indexing and now app streaming we may see a shift to app favoritism sooner that we expected. It’s to soon for apps to replace websites yet. It is time though to start considering and planning for mobile apps.

Machine Learning

Google hummingbird functions to gradually learn how users phrase search queries. It then updates its algorithm accordingly. Next year we will see more machine learning updates from both google and Bing.

As we become aware of changes we’ll publish them helping you to stay ahead of your opposition.

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