Faster loading Internet Pages for Your Website

How to get faster loading internet pages for your website.

AMP/ Accelerated Mobile Pages Project gives internet users faster loading internet pages when searching for content using a mobile device. AMP is Google’s open source initiative to the world that allows any webmaster to create faster loading pages for any website. Which means if you take advantage of faster loading internet pages for your website, it gives you an edge over your opposition.

The #AMP project was launched in October 2015. Although it’s been a year now and a lot of progress has been made, the project is still in it’s early stages. But we can expect Google to begin giving preference to websites making use of Accelerated Mobile Pages in search results soon, as more webmasters are making use of them. Seo Webmaster has published numerous articles using AMP format and they’re all showing in the top search result rankings.  We expect it won’t be long now before Bing and other search engines release their own version of faster loading pages for mobile devices.

How do faster loading internet pages for your website benefit your business?

For starters users spend less on data. AMP uses an average of eight times less data to load a page. Pages load an average of four times faster saving users time. Imagine a user that spends a lot of time searching the internet, what would normally take four hours could now be completed in one hour. On average users abandon a search that takes longer that three seconds to load. If your website isn’t optimized for Accelerated Mobile Pages you could be losing potential clients.

Do all businesses need faster loading pages?

Faster loading internet pages for your website might not have an immediate impact on your business. But it’s going to give you an advantage over your opposition. The more the public become aware of what AMP is and the advantages of clicking on sites using it no business can be left behind. People will be talking about this new technology very soon. Don’t get left behind.

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Accelerated Mobile Pages Set Up Today.


Get an edge over your opposition by having Accelerated Mobile Pages set up today. The marketing advantage for businesses that have Accelerated Mobile Pages/AMP website pages is incredible.

Accelerated Mobile Pages or AMP is a Google led initiative. Google recommends accelerated mobile pages set up today on all websites.

The project is aimed at improving the mobile web experience and solving the problem of slow loading content.

Google is going full out to encourage websites to comply with AMP. So much so that AMP pages’ will be given preferential ranking in search results. What better incentive could any business owner need? No businesses can afford not to get accelerated mobile pages set up today?

The AMP experience to mobile users on Google is indeed lightning fast. Mobile browsing can be slow and frustrating, this is where the benefits of AMP comes in and guarantees a consistent and fast experience. All users will benefit from this new technology.

Life happens on mobile now.

There are over 7 billion small screens in use now. Delays can mean the difference between a sale and no sale. That is why it is important to make your existing and potential new clients, experience on your website as quick as possible.

Be a leader in your field. Take advantage of this technology by getting accelerated mobile pages set up today. This is a marketing opportunity that no business can afford to overlook.

Accelerated Mobile Pages Set Up Today Without You Leaving Your Office.

The future is upon us. Today we don’t have to leave the office to have a business meeting. Technology affords us the privilege of communication from wherever we feel most comfortable, our office, car or even a coffee shop. We can conduct business from anywhere as well. We don’t even have to be in the same country as our colleagues. Wherever you are your website can updated to be #AMP compatible.

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Accelerated Mobile Pages – South Coast

South Coast business owners is your website ready for Accelerated Mobile Pages? #AcceleratedMobilePages #AMP the next ‘Big Thing’ to hit the ever expanding world of the internet?

You cannot ignore Accelerated Mobile Pages if you want your business to found on the internet.

Google recently launched Accelerated Mobile Pages known as AMP. They did this because internet users expect web page to load fast. When launching #AMPlify Google told us that 40% of users abandoned a search if the page took longer than 3 seconds to load.

Google’s answer to this are pages that load with lighting fast speed on mobile phones. It’s no surprise, seen that more people used mobile phones, than computers to browse the internet last year. With the number of mobile users increasing daily, Google decided to focus on improving the overall experience for mobile users. AMP loads pages in under a second. Are you glad to hear this good news? I know I am.

Why do I need to set my website up for AMP?

Pages that comply will be given preference in search results. To stay a step ahead of your opposition you have get your website ready now. Doing so you will outperform your competitors. Your opposition might not even be aware of accelerated pages yet, so why not beat them to it. You will rank better in the search results immediately. Then if you keep your website SEO friendly you will keep your ranking at the top.

What you need to do to keep your website ranking well, is to work together with a good SEO consultant. It’s best to find a SEO consultant that is aware of what the leading search engines require for good ranking.  The internet is continually changing and improving, you need to work with somebody that is aware of these changes as they happen or better before they happen.

There are other serious changes taking place before the end of 2016 that every website owner has to comply with or you’re going to be red flagged, but that’s another topic and another article altogether. You’ve been warned so contact your SEO consultant now to make those changes.

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Accelerated Mobile Pages/AMP – What is AMP?

Website owners are going to be hearing a lot about Accelerated Mobile Pages/AMP in the coming months.

If you’re a business owner, you’ll probably be asking what is Accelerated Mobile Pages/AMP? And does it apply to my Business?

AMP are HTML pages that prioritize speed and load website pages faster, so users have access to your content almost instantly.

Why has Google decided to introduce AMP?

Internet users expect mobile websites to load fast. If a pages doesn’t load fast enough people abandon a website. 40% of users will leave a website if it’s taking longer than 3 seconds to load.

For this reason, Google has been working to reduce the time it takes for mobile pages to load making the mobile web better for everyone. They called this the Accelerated Mobile Pages Project.

Initially AMP was only available for the news industry but they are now open to all category sites.

Why should you get your website set up to create AMP pages?

Because later this year Google will give expanded exposure on all Google Mobile Search results to websites that create Accelerated Mobile Pages/AMP.

In addition, you would want your clients to experience lightning bolt – instant loading when visiting your website right?

Life happens on mobile, there are over 7 million small screens now.

Over the past 6 months Google have indexed more that 600 million AMP docs and are adding over 4 million new ones weekly, that’s a lot of fast loading pages.

The time it takes for an AMP page to load is less than one second. Beyond saving you time Accelerated Mobile Pages/AMP will save you data, AMP pages use 10 times less data that non-AMP pages.

Don’t get left behind!

As a business owner or the responsible person for your companies website you are going to need to contact your local webmaster to add AMP pages to your site so that your clients click on your domain when searching for products or services on Google.