What is SEO – Search Engine Optimization?

What is SEO

What is SEO – search engine optimization? These days there are a lot of business people speaking about SEO or SEO Marketing but most people don’t really understand the concept and how important it is to the success of a business.

So what is SEO?

Here is some information about how SEO. The Rules that govern SEO are ultimately meant to make the web a more enjoyable and useful place.

Search Engine Optimization – SEO is a way to improve websites, blogs or online stores in search results such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, Safari, Facebook etc.  By following certain rules that search engines require to improve their rankings in the search results. Good SEO will makes websites more user friendly and easier for search engines to find relevant content.


When a user performs a search on Google, Bing etc. the order of the returning results is displayed based on algorithms. These algorithms decide in which order the websites appear in the search results displayed on the search page. There are many factors taken into account by the algorithms to decide in which order the results are displayed. Search engine algorithms are been updated all the time so website owners need to continuously keep the SEO updated.


Search engines serve millions of users every day. People are searching for different products or services all the time. Optimizing a website correctly for search engine Algorithms gives the website a huge advantage over websites that haven’t been correctly optimized. What’s the point of a beautiful website if it’s not going to show up when potential clients do a search for products or services on the internet?

SEO needs to be maintained because search engines are constantly updating their algorithms with both best practices requirements and new technology.

Does every business need SEO?

If a business has a website then definitely SEO is needed. What is SEO going to do for any business? It’s going to bring traffic which converts into customers who bring money. Search engine optimization is what puts some websites on the first page of Google.

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